Apparently, Halloween candy makes for a perfectly good breakfast the day after. Especially when shared with your favorite sister, a soft blanket and your pal Dora.

call me betty + make your own cinnabon

I don't know about your weather, but the past few days here have been overcast and sprinkly. Decked out in the infamous velour tracksuit, I literally holed myself up 1/2 the weekend on the couch with my cookbooks, and's amazing what you can make with a little bit of flour. Like my new favorite recipe ever....Cinnabon cinnamon rolls! And YES, they taste just like them! You have to try're family and friends will LOVE you! And don't be scared about the yeast and kneading dough part......if convenience food girl here can do it, so can you.

Here's some pics of the process.

A few other things I made over the weekend (from scratch):
coffee cake (Sat. breakfast)
cheeseburger soup (Sun. lunch)
biscuits to go with the soup
oh...and the hub's joined in the fun on Friday nite and made some homemade peanut butter cookies.
There's even talk about us getting new pans. Feels so Betty Crocker!
PS. I love reading all of your comments and would like to respond individually but am having a hard time figuring out how to do that through blogger. So far, I've only found stuff for Wordpress. If anyone has any tips leave a comment or email me: ahappycircusatgmaildotcom.
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brush up

Funny little moment. Today after lunch I told the girls to go brush their teeth. "No thank you", Luci politely declines as she walks into the other room. "No thank you" repeats little sister as she marches behind big sis into the other room. "You don't want to get rotten teeth" I say. "What are rotten teeth?" asks big sis. Well....glad you ask I think to myself as I google it and come up with this blog with nothing but rotten teeth pics.

As I came to the bottom of the second page of pics, Luci gets up and heads to the bathroom as she says in a very matter of fact voice...."Well.......looks like we are brushing our teeth".

And because I couldn't leave you with such a nasty are some pretty spring pics from Polyvore. And that is all.

jeweled bib necklace tutorial

Wanna learn how to make this cute jeweled bib necklace? Head on over to Love Stitched to check out my tutorial.
It's super easy and only requires a glue gun and a few inexpensive supplies. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and you'll have it just in time for date night. Happy Friday!

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

*Forgetting to rip the price tag out of a gift.....and it was on clearance.
*Getting asked when you're expecting.........and you're not. Not wanting to make the situation awkward for them because, clearly it already is for you, you make up a fake due date and play along with the questions that follow. "Ummm yes, we were hoping for another boy"...considering the one we have at home is only 6 weeks old, I'm sure they would be besties.
*Someone referring to you by your embarassing childhood nickname in public, or worse.....on your FB wall.
*Mixing two different circles of friends at a get together.
*Registering at Pottery Barn for a non-existent baby shower just to take advantage of the 10% off everything you didn't get on your registry discount. Actually, that was pretty awesome! Okay, now on to the.....

*Drinking orange juice out of your fancy crystal glasses for no special reason....except that it makes the orange juice feel more special.
*PAYDAY! - nuff said.
*For this one, rewind 11 years ago. (all you late twenty-somethings on up should get it) Newly married.....hubs is sleep talking. Wanting to find out what he's dreaming about you whisper in his ear..."what's my name?" He responds................."Snoop Dogg". True story- didn't even remeber that conversation the next morning. Had he uttered anything else, this would have obviously been on the other list.
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fairy play

Today I was in the company of fairies.

We were whisked away by unicorns to a magical fairy kingdom.

We ate fairy cakes on tiny tables, hid inside the clouds so the intruders could not find us, danced and sang and laughed.

At the end of the journey the tired little fairies needed a rest, even if it was only a pretend one.

etsy fun

Don't you just love loggin' on to the home page of ETSY? You type those 4 little letters into your google browser....wait for it to for a second, some of us longer than others and then wham...there it is! You are greeted with the home page 12. Instant eye candy! And it rotates a few different times a day.

The title for this post was actually going to be Fun Job Friday, where I was going to talk about what a fun job it would be to be the front page picker for etsy and then share a few quips about the training for such a job..etc, etc, etc. Welllllll.....although I am too busy to organize the office and pick up the play area.....apparently, I managed to find time to research this highly important matter. And good thing! Because I may have just found your new part time hobby. Yup, that's here and find out how you can be the etsy picker too!

Hope you all have a good weekend and do something FUN! We will be finishing up a play kitchen we are making for Lola's 2nd birthday.