A little bit of pink goodness to brighten your day. My sweet Lola Kate just turned one a few weeks ago. This being our youngest of four and probably last child, we are wanting to make sure we capture every moment. Therefore, the ONE year photo's need to be done at One Year! Looking back, I have realized that we do not have one year photo's of our other children. (Don't get me wrong, with daddy being a photographer, we have plenty of cute portraits- just none of them at One).
Sometimes we wait for things to be perfect- in this case timing, moods, the right accesories etc... That we just keep putting off what should be done today. I had to fight to get these photo's. Yes, she was sick, no, we did not have a complete outfit (shirt in the laundry), the props were not all together, but I would rather have something. And I am pleased with how they turned out. I am trying to apply this philosophy to other areas of my life. The circumstances may not always be perfect, but if we just let go, give up control, jump- we can accomplish greatness!