fair + polaroids

Thought I would share a few shots from the fair last night. Then I thought I would turn them into polaroids. I found the perfect polaroid frame here. So fun! It even adds a slight discoloration to the photo to make it more polaroid-y! It's a zip file, so you'll have to use WinZip to open it. You can get a free trial version on their site. Then you open the unlocked version with photoshop. Sounds complicated......this is where a techie husband comes in handy. If you don't have one of those, check out this site.

Here's a few of the shots that are makin' me happy today.

craftiness on hold

We have been moving the past week, so all craftiness has been on hold. Now that we're getting settled in, I'm looking forward to decorating the new house, coming up with new color schemes, sharing new tutorials with you all.........but for now I am still trying to locate my blow dryer, make up, glue gun, dishes..................well, you get the point. I am really excited, however, about my new work space which is going to be a formal dining room (who uses those anymore....right? well at least when it's carpeted..and you have 4 kids) converted to art studio. I'll have to share before and after pics once the project is completed.

For now it's off to find a charger to charge a camera battery for tonights trip to the State Fair! Yay! Better make sure to find the camera while I'm at it!
p.s. lovin this pic of Luci with the "oh my" look on her face....perfectly describes me this week. ♥

guesting today

Hi everyone. A Happy Circus is sharing a tutorial today over at Blue Cricket Design. If you've never been to Blue Cricket Design you will want to peruse all of Becca's awesome tutorials. Go check it out!!

Also linking up here today:


I wanted to have a go at this belt again and found the perfect neutral material just lying around my house. An old pair of blue jeans! I just love to be able to repurpose something old to make something new. And denim goes with everything right? I cut down the leg of one and then another and sewed them together to make my long strip. When I was finished with the belt part it looked like it needed something more, so I cut off the tab front of one side of the jeans. The belt loop then became the perfect center for the bow. Soo cute! My to do list this week consists of shopping my closet for more blue jeans to repurpose. I've got big plans for these. Happy Friday!!!

guest posting

Hi everyone. I'm sharing one of my tutorials today on Blue Cricket Design (an awesome site with lot's of tutorials). The hair pretty organizer. So stop by, visit Becca and check it out when you get a chance.

ruched rosette belt

Happy Friday everyone! I am guest posting over at Tatertots and Jello today so stop on by and learn how to make one of these while you're at it. The ruched rosette belt. Super cute, super simple.....okay, I know I say that about every project, but seriously (sewing-wise) it's nothing but straight lines.
Not sure what this weekend will consist of, but I know that I'll be off to Chic-fil-A today (probably all 3 times) for the free food day. All you have to do is dress like a cow. And in this economy, my pride is definately for sale! Check out the details here. Nothing like free food to brighten up your day!

thrifted finds

Apparently our trip to the thrift store this weekend was quite successful. Not only did we score tons of books, practically brand new for the kiddos (at only 38 cents each), but I also became the proud owner of all of this trim goodness, pretty vases and lovely little pedestal dishes. I already have plans for some of that trim. And the dishes would be cute for holding scrapbooking thingies such as colored paperclips, brads and embellishments.

The best part was the price. Because it was a 1/2 off sale the dishes were 99 cents, the vases were 49 cents and the trim was $2.49! I also scored a cute yellow purse for $2.49, boxed puzzles for the boys .25 cents/each, movies for the kids .50 cents/ each, silk Ann Taylor head scarf for under $2, and a cool chair for $2.50. (Next time, I'll have to check for vintage linens.) How exciting! Who knew you could find such cool stuff at your local thrift store.

ps. Hope you all had an awesome 4th of July! There was supposed to be this fun, patriotic food related dessert picture on here yesterday... with a little note from me to you wishing you a wonderful holiday. Unfortunately, I never got around to making that dessert.....after all, it is the thought that counts. ♥