Little Girl Retro Cupcake Apron

So, I finally finished the cupcake apron for Luci. Her favorite part are the pockets. She's really into pockets right now. I love the combination of fabrics and the shaping on the bottom of the apron. I have extra fabric, so I think the next project will be apron skirts for the girls. I didn't end up using the zebra fabric on the apron, so I think I'll work it into the skirts.

My Nake

While on a recent trip to the craft store with my husband, (yes, he is every bit as crafty as me and has no problems accompanying me to Joann's......yes, I'm a lucky girl.) we picked up some of those knifty knitter looms. Having not knitted for quite some time and wanting to turn out a quick project, we thought these would be great to ease back into the craft. They are super easy and in a couple of hours you can make something cute. I got the scarf one and handmade the pompoms myself.

Luci was super excited when her "nake" was finished (toddler lingo for Snake). And I was super excited for another excuse to get cute pics.