j crew shirt knock off

Here it is; the latest installment in the J Crew (crew cuts) knock off series. The silk swing tank: retail $39.50.....our price...$2. The sacrifice here is that our version is not silk habotai. Sorry...Joann's did not carry that, what a surprise!! I purchased a silk look alike fabric which was easy to sew but did fray quite a bit. So, here is my super easy version of their tank. I'm sure there is a more proper way to sew this that takes twice as long, but my version is just the easier way. And I am finding these days that if I want to get more things done, I am having to take the easier route.
supplies needed
fabric- 1/2 yd or less
coordinating thread
3/4 in. wide elastic (enough to fit around chest)
first cut your fabric (using measurements below)
step one: obtain chest measurement by measuring underneath arms all the way around chest. Then add 10-12 inches for 3T and under. Add 14-15 inches for 4T and up. Since my 3T daughter measured 20 inches, I cut a 32 in wide strip of fabric.
step two: Measure how long you want the top, then add 1 1/2 inches. This will be your length. I wanted mine 10 in. long, so I cut my fabric 11 1/2 in. long by 32 in. wide.

Next, with wrong side of fabric facing you, fold up 1/2 inch and press. Then open it up (as shown in left pic). Now fold edge of fabric to the pressed line. Press again.

Turn fabric up on original pressing line and pin. (so it should be folded to the first line, folded over again to the 2nd line and pinned).

Sew your seam staying fairly close to the edge.

Once your seam is finished fold the fabric with right sides together. Pin the open side. Sew your side seam about 1/4 in. from edge.

Next, make your elastic casing by folding the top down 1 inch. Press. Fold raw edge under 1/4 in. Press and pin. Same way that we did in the skirt. Sew closed (leaving 2 inch opening to feed the elastic though). Feed elastic through (same measurement as chest minus 1/2 inch.) Sew elastic. Then sew casing closed.

Now on to the straps. Measure how long you want your straps to be. Add 1 in. seam allowance. Cut 2 1/2 in. wide. Cut two of these.

Fold right sides together and, with wrong side facing you sew with 1/4 in seam allowance. Flip them inside out when you are done and press.

Topstitch the edges of both of your straps. Fold under 1/2 inch on each side and press. Pin this to the inside of the top as shown and sew.

Now you are finished. Turn rightside out. Press. And enjoy!

hanging out

Where have I been the past week.......watching this munchkin master some new toddler skills.

painting our toes

scavenging the racks at Joann's

sending the kids to summer day camp

photo credit: unknown
attending a birthday party

consuming too many of these (best fast food chili-cheese fries-Del Taco) which could explain my recent bouts of indigestion. What's up for this week...... swimming, picture taking, tutorial making, popsicle eating, firefly chasing (actually- we would probably be chasing for a really long time, considering we don't really have fireflys here. It just sounded good and summery) and just enjoying the endless days of summer.
ps. I have the last installment of the J. Crew knock off outfit ready to go, so check back tomorrow!

j crew skirt knock off

Here is the second item in the outfit we are recreating from J Crew's crew cuts for kids. This tulle skirt is so adorable and super simple to make. This project from start to finish takes about 30-60 minutes and costs under $5 (compare to the 32.50 retail).
Gather your supplies. Here is what you'll need:
1/2 in. wide elastic- 20-26 in. depending on waist size
knit fabric for the underskirt- 3/8 yd. (I used some kind of knit that didn't stretch much in the knit section at Joann's. You could also repurpose a knit tee of your own)
tulle fabric for the ruffles- 3/8 yd. (I found this cute stretchy dot tulle in the clearance at Joann's - always check there first for fabric up to 75% off)
coordinating thread
Let's get started! First make sure your fabric is folded over so that you can cut 2 pieces. You will measure the child's waist and add 5-6 inches.
measurement 1
So for a 20 inch waist you will do 26 inches. Divide that number in half. Then add 1 inch (seam allowance). So I will have 13 + 1 = 14 in. That is my measurement for the top (measurement 1). Draw a straight line at the top of the fabric in the amount of this measurement. So my example would be 14 in.
measurement 2
The lenght of the skirt + 1 inch is measurement 2. (I wanted my skirt 10 inches, so I just added 1 inch. ) My measurement 2 example would be 11 inches.
2.) Start at the top center of your skirt and go down as many inches as is your measurement 2. So for mine I went down 11 inches. Then make a mark. Put a ruler down and mark this line for the bottom of your skirt. You will go out 1 1/2 inches further than the top measurement on each side. Please refer to the picture above. This will make your skirt flare a bit. To connect the lines, just use your ruler to connect the top and bottom lines.
Now you are ready to cut your fabric out. Remember that your fabric should be folded, so you will be cutting two skirt pieces. Now with wrong sides of fabric together, sew your side seams using 1/2 inch seam allowance. Now press your seams, serge or snip 1/8 away from seam.
With skirt still inside out, fold the top of skirt down 1 inch (all the way around) and press as you go. Now open up and fold 1/4 inch down and press under. (See pic below) Pin and sew close to edge.
Make sure you leave a 2 inch opening for the elastic. Cut a strip of elastic the same size as your waist measurement. Slide the elastic in using a safety pin.
Now sew the elastic closed. Overlap about 1/2 inch and sew. I like to sew in the shape of a square and then criss cross. Put the elastic in and adjust. Now sew the opening closed and turn right side out.
You should end up with something that looks like this. Oh and since we're using knits there is no need to finish off the bottom. Yay!
Next, cut your two strips of tulle whatever length you like. I did mine 5 inches each. The width will be the width of the fabric (so about 44 or 46 inches). Sew the sides together. Gather about 3/8 inches from the top.
Pin to the skirt as shown above and sew your first ruffle. Sew your second ruffle under the first so that they overlap a bit. Then pull it off the machine and admire your handiwork! Sit back and eat some well deserved chocolate.
Voila! The finished product.

j crew necklace knock-off

When virtual shopping, I found this cute girls necklace at J Crew. It's silk and reminds me of bubblegum or candy. I thought it would be easy to replicate, so I came up with a tutorial for all of you.
First get your supplies together. Here is what you will need:
1/8 yard of silk fabric (I used silk dupioni found at Joann's)
3/8 inch wide coordinating ribbon- about 40 inches
5 wood beads (a large one for the middle, 2 smaller ones for either side of that one and 2 smaller than that for the ends) I got the wood beads at Joann's I also had an old necklace I broke to get the larger bead from.
1. Cut a strip about 10 inches long. Wrap it around your largest bead to make sure there is enough room to leave a little extra and allow for a 1/2 seam allowance.
2. Cut close to the seam allowance as shown. Turn fabric inside out.
3. Cut a 40" piece of ribbon. Seal the ends with seam sealer or run a lighter over the ends. Slide your beads on in the correct order. Small, medium, large, medium, small.
Slide the strand of beads through your casing. If you weren't able to get your beads on the ribbon, slide the ribbon through, then put the beads in the casing in the correct order.
Cut 4 strips of fabric, about 1 in. x 5 in.
Tie thread in between each bead nice and tight. Now tie your silk strips in between each bead nice and tight. Do not worry about the fraying. It lends to the character.
Now clip the ends of the fabric as shown in the picture above. Next you will tie knots in the ribbon on either side close to the beads. This will conceal the fabric edges. Go about 3-4 inches up on either side of the ribbon and tie knots. Go up another 3-4 inches and tie knots again. If you would like you can put a charm in one of the knots.
Tie a bow at the top (secure with a stitch) and you are done
The finished product! So cute and fun. Make them in bright summer colors like lime, orange, yellow and fuschia. This necklace was in the Crew Cuts section (kids) of J Crew; but I just may have to make one for myself. Stay tuned.... I am going to be doing a knock off series, with this being the first. I will be completing this look with a head to toe outfit.

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dolled up

I love this girly all dolled up. She reminds me of Darla from the Little Rascals in this pic. So, I finished this set over the weekend. I was going to use this fabric but ended up changing it up a little. I used Tanya Wheelan's Darla and Ava Rose lines and brown linen for the ruffle. I used a simplicity pattern for the top/dress and Sandi Henderson's ruffle pant pattern. The brown linen mixes it up nicely.
I was so excited to finally get these pics. We tried taking them earlier but realized I had left the outfit at home...J.O.L.(just our luck). So, this was take two. And then the place I originally wanted to do them at, moved their cool aqua horse trailer. (J.O.L. again) So plan B, we found these tracks which worked perfectly with the suitcase. And I think I like them even better. Now off to the next project.
Happy Wednesday!

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