rainbow legs

If rainbow leggings could solve the world's problems it would be a more colorful place. Thankful today that they solve this little girl's. If she is grumpy, fussy or tired, I'll reach in my bag of tricks for this instant pick-me-up. I am rewarded with a great big smile every time.

While solving the world's problems would be nice, today I am content with solving this one year old's.

spotted & hearted

Are these not the cutest picnic boxes you have ever seen? Boxsal picnic boxes are eco friendly, modern day, reusable picnic boxes. I'm crushin' on the Todays Date (shown above). I have just added fall picnic to the top of my to do list!

Halloween felt banner

Still decorating for Halloween? Here's a simple inexpensive banner tutorial that will have your house looking festive in no time at all. Don't sew? Omit thread for hot glue and and you can join in the fun too!
Supplies needed:
felt (various colors)
thread or hot glue gun
First make a template for each of the shapes you want. I made a pumpkin, candy corn, bat and ghost. If you don't want to freehand it, you can find many templates on the web.
Second cut out the shapes by tracing around your template with a pen. Make sure to cut two at a time so you have a front and back. Sew eyes on, then sew together, making sure to leave a 1 inch opening to stuff.

Third stuff your shapes then sew closed.

Fourth sew your shapes to your ribbon. You can glue on little bows to up the cuteness and cover up your seams.

Now step back and enjoy your handiwork. You are finished!

I will be linking this project to these rad blogs:

weekend snapshots

This weekend flew by much too fast, but I made sure to bring the camera to remember the awesomeness. The boys spent the weekend with their cousin which left two little girlies, Karl and I. Wow! We had forgotten how quiet is is with 2 out of 4. It was almost like we were on a date. Almost! Well....since the movies were out of the question, we decided what to do with ourselves. Since we all adore shopping (I am lucky to be married to a man who loves to shop as much as I do) we decided to hit the mall.
Luci gets the glazed over look with the big wide smile when you mention "shop-piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!" (as she pronounces it)
Lunch, bookstore, frozen yogurt...and then one of our faves....Urban Outfitters. I find something new to love everytime I go. Today it was these cute little cupcake molds that look like a teacup. Adorable! Also gotta love the paper liners in an assortment of cute prints. If you've never been to this store you really must. I get inspiration with every visit. Just make sure you don't bring along any reading children. If you've been there, you know what I'm talking about!