sneak peak


I can't wait to get going on my latest project. I was so excited when I found Robert Kauffman's cupcake print at my local Joann's. It was a steal, with my 50% off coupon. Now if only I could get them to carry Tanya Wheelan, Heather Bailey and everyone else. I am hoping to finish this project before Christmas, so I will post pics when I have it completed.

a new favorite


Red Velvet Cupcakes. Where have these been all my life? The sunday before last was wet and cold. Definately baking weather. So, late that afternoon, in sweats and pj's, with White Christmas playing in the background, I gathered the kids around to help bake red velvet cupcakes. Now, I know what all the hype is about. I used to be a firm believer in yellow cake with chocolate frosting......well, these blow those out of the water!

Right next to sugar cookies w/buttercream icing, these have quickly become a new holiday classic in our home. And the best part about my version, is I swapped out the sugar for splenda, so I don't feel as guilty eating two!!

You can find the recipe here.

About Me


I married my best friend, we had 4 beautiful children...Not right away of course-we had 2 blissful years of freedom first. We went places, we did things, we were spontaneous, we had more $. Then came the blessings, one by one. Boy, boy, girl, girl. Now life can be crazy. Life can lack sleep and other necessary things. We wear many hats, don't get enough alone time, are way too busy and eat out too often. Once in a while, we find ourselves reminiscing about the freedom of the good ol' days.

But I wouldn't change a thing. My world consists of a million happy moments. Soft baby cheeks, pudgy little hands, cuddles, kisses, a whole lot of firsts- smiles, giggles, steps, words, a tender hand brushing through my hair, freshly picked flowers, blades of grass bunched together passed off as freshly picked flowers, first days of school, team sports, family vacations, birthdays, a multitude of artwork littering the side of my fridge, homemade presents, papers and such glued together and passed off as homemade presents, storytime and family fun nights.

We laugh. We play. We create. We make memories today because these are "the good ol day's".

I love Jesus- just not religion. I love my family and Disneyland too. I eat too much dessert, but have been cutting back; which brings me to my next point. My favorite show of the moment "biggest loser" (hence the cutting back), "lie to me", "criminal minds" and "glee". I stockpile beautiful fabric like it's Y2K. I plan on making beautiful cupcakes soon. I plan on taking up knitting again. I plan to learn to crochet. I plan on having a day with no plans. I have a thousand business ideas stored up in my head with no business capital to start them. The chocolate bars are my favorite. I need to drink more water. I don't like crust. I will not pretend to like sushi to up my cool factor. I use coupons. I google everything. I think I can do anything (which is probably why I google everything). I want it all!