Last weekend we went on a mini getaway before the kids start school. Driving around town was easy peasy now that we don't have to mapquest everything ahead of time.....thanks to GPS! We can be spontaneous on the fly! One of our favorite finds was this little place in Los Gatos, CA. "Nothing bundt Cakes". Hmmm....can you guess what they sell? The little tiny ones above are called bundtinis. I want a whole dozen of them on top of a cake stand on my desk. I could eat them at my leisure all day long with a cold frosty glass of milk.

And with flavors like white chocolate raspberry and my personal favorite....red velvet, it's a good thing there is some distance between us, otherwise I might end up being another "Biggest Loser" success story waiting to happen.

On our way to the beach one day, Karl stopped by and got me a personal one to go. Not wanting the littles to see, I slipped it into my beach bag while devising a way to eat it inconspicuously. Well, the pefect moment never came and after a long day at the beach, dinner, pool and spa, Karl walks in to find me in the hotel bathroom (fan on) sitting on the toilet (the lid was closed by the way), crumb covered face and all, devouring this thing entirely with my hands, which were now covered in frosting. He started laughing uncontrollably and says " boy, I wish I had a picture of you right now". Feeling like such a binger on a binge-fest who gets caught (which I am not by the way, this was my "me time" plus there were no forks) I lamely reply...."Oh.....I saved you some" as I held up the container offering up the last bite.


  1. Naomi said...

    they look so yum! love the eating story :) Naomi.

    August 14, 2010 at 12:47 AM  

  2. Lorie said...

    We love Nothing Bundt Cakes! But they got rid of the banana flavor, which was my FAVORITE!! My sister brought me one when I was in the hospital after having my youngest. They replaced it with Red Velvet (that used to just be a seasonal flavor).

    And now I will go hide my head in shame because I know WAY too much about Bundt Cakes!!


    September 6, 2010 at 12:27 PM  

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