more of this

We thought we'd move Family Night outdoors tonight. Fresh air, good food, great company, laughter and bubbles! So, hope this weekend lends you the time to be doing.... more of this.

vintage books

I love to collect vintage books. There's just something about the history of an old book. The worn pages, musty smell and nostalgic illustrations that keep me coming back. Some of my favorite books to read to the kids are these collected on different thrifting excursions. It's cool to know that the book your reading was probably lovingly read to a child in the 50's or 60's. This one is one of my favorites.

I believe it was from the 1950's. I love how this story perfectly captures the domesticity from that era. So, like I said, that was my favorite book until I discovered this:
inside of this book (Diane is my mother):

Funny, all these years I thought I had found this at a used bookstore. So I think I have a new favorite!

Spring Wish List

I am so ready for spring. The warm, sunshiney, I can conquer the world kind of spring. Not the gray, rainy days we have been having here lately. So I have been indoors, pretend shopping. Here are some cheerful, things I would rather be wearing right now while conquering the world!

1. Anthropologie-braided bikini (I think my wish for this one was the body it would take to pull that off)
2. Cut&Paste Print (Etsy shop)- really into typography right now so I'm lovin this modernized WWII replica print. 3. Stella&Dot- cute necklace, LOVE their stuff! 4. Mia Beads (etsy shop)- cute hairpins 5. Forever 21- silk shift dress (yay for budget dresses) 6. Scotty's Cruisers- this vintage looking bike is for when I go on my picnic in some beautiful field (there will be a wire basket on the front for collecting wild flowers and of course the whole fam will be looking picture perfect, providing for a great photo op!) 7. Ruche- cute neutral sandals (spring staple to go with all your brights plus the added bonus that the neutral color will elongate your legs!!! Hope this makes you happy. Now go Conquer the World!!