strawberries & eyelashes

I love receiving handmade cards and paraphernelia from the kids for birthdays and such. More importantly, I love the thought process and planning involved behind this. "Mom, can I stay at home while you guys go on your walk....and can you guys walk around the block 3 times slowly. What is your favorite color? ; Which do you like better.....panthers or sea lions?" [Hmmm...yes, we'll take the long way, pink and I will leave that up to your judgement.] I just love all of that kinda stuff; but I have to say that the award for the most unique gift goes to Luci. On the morning of my birthday she proudly carried her gift out to me....Strawberries and Eyelashes. Listening to the others make their plans, she had announced a week before that she wanted to give mommy strawberries and eyelashes. Where she got this idea, no one knows. But it was in her two-year old mind nonetheless. So, needless to say, Karl was at the store the night before, making sure to get fresh strawberries....and a tube of mascara had to substitute for the eyelashes. So, there you have it..strawberries and eyelashes.

P.S. Stay tuned for the Silhouette Tutorial! Should be up today or tomorrow morning.


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