three day weekend

This weekend I plan on finishing up a sewing project using my fave fabric from Tanya Wheelan. Which I then hope to photograph to share with you all next week. I love photo shoots! And this set is turning out super cute! I hope to paint some nails with my favorite girls in our funky princess colors. Yes, we had to name each one after a Disney Princess.
I hope to relax with the fam, maybe sneak in a nap.....(yah right) some picnic-ing.....hang out with friends..... and celebrate those who have bravely given their lives to defend our freedom!
What are your weekend plans?


  1. Melissa said...

    Lets with the girls, swimming with the family, oh and then a root canal on Tuesday. Lovely :) Have a great weekend!

    May 28, 2010 at 11:34 AM  

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